A synopsis of a typical process. From the first meeting to completion of a project.

BRIEF / DESIGN GUIDELINES: On appointment, the first step is to define the brief: a wish-list of all requirements including accommodation, facilities and aesthetics.
We will need to obtain all relevant Site information: Existing plans, surveys by a land surveyor, home ownerĂ­s specifications etc. in order to proceed with design

SKETCH DESIGN: a concept design is formulated and presented to address the requirements and the parameters of budget and the prevailing conditions on the site. This is where most of our creative input is focused. All further development is rooted in this stage.

REFINING THE DESIGN: the sketch design is a springboard for further discussion. From this point we refine the design to meet approval on all levels.

WORKING DRAWINGS: A final set of working drawings is drafted. This will serve as the plans for approval by the local authorities and will serve as documentation for the tender process.

CONSTRUCTION: The construction commences.

SUPERVISION: During the construction period, we make regular site visits to ensure that the project is built according to the plans. We also co-ordinate the constant flow of information between professionals and contractor as well as supervise details and finishes. All this while managing the contractual agreement between client and contractor.